Geothermal In The News

Geothermal In The News

It’s great to see geothermal heating in the news and mainstream media promoting geothermal heating and cooling or ground source heat pumps. We found the article very interesting. The comment “upfront cost of installing the systems was prohibitive for many buildings” could be subjective depending on the individual reader’s values. With the majority of Australia experiencing very hot and cold weather it makes sense to utilise the very stable temperatures in the ground to collect and reject heat rather than to do so using air as do the majority of heating and air conditioning systems in Australia.With heating and air conditioning being one of the largest uses of electricity in buildings Geothermal heating and air conditioning also offers an opportunity to reduce the power consumption requirements in buildings. This will be more and more critical as national power distribution or electricity grid comes under further strain with the increased population growth and the transition to battery solar systems become more widely used.

To learn more please watch our overview video here or on youtube here and if you’d like an estimate please use our geothermal cost calculator here.

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