Horizontal loop

Sometimes the ideal location for geothermal ground loop has obstructions from services and buildings or the customer doesn’t want to excavate to install slinky loops. This is where horizontal boring is ideal. The cables can be run under existing obstacles and roadways with minimal disruption to the land. And the geothermal pipes are installed in the bores.

For new construction excavated trenches are mostly the best option. For a building that is being renovated, geothermal ground loops can be the best option to leverage the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling. Particularly if the building is surrounded by landscaped grounds.

Typically, the investment for horizontal boring is more the trenching using excavation. But it typically requires much less investment the vertical boring. You can read more about directional drilling here.

It’s important to select the right geothermal ground loop system when installing geothermal systems based on the building owners needs and what will ensure maximum heat pump efficiency over the long-term.  If the equipment is available and ground conditions allow, consider horizontal boring as a viable option on your next geothermal installation.

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