Pond / Lake loop

If you are in the fortunate position of having a lake or dam the geothermal ground loop pipes can be installed in a special configuration in that body of water. These geothermal ground loop pipe configurations are one of the most simple to design and require the least investment to install. Water, in almost all regions, remains the best energy exchanger and works well because the very high conductivity of water compensates for the cool or warm temperature. This design and application is considered one of the most efficient.

This system is only possible if the site has an adequate water body that reaches a minimum volume, depth and quality. A pipe is run underground from the building to the water and coiled into circles deep enough under the surface of the water to prevent freezing. Fluid circulates underwater through the pipe in a closed system, just as it does through vertical and horizontal ground loops.

Submerged lake or dam water loops have some special considerations:
1. Never place a loop in a moving body of water subject to flooding because some flood levels could destroy the loop.
2. Special consideration needs to be given to the medium used in the geothermal ground loop pipes
3. The body of water should be close to the structure. If the distance from the water to the structure can accommodate a horizontal field, it is likely the submerged loop would offer no advantage.

The pond or lake geothermal ground loop pipes is a key part of the Geomaster Geothermal heating and cooling system and it must be properly designed by our in house Geomaster Engineers. Careful consideration is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient capacity available for the geothermal heat pump to operate properly. Design consideration has a few requirements to using a pond or lake.
For further reading this Wikipedia page has some information

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